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Polaroid Pop Takes Home the Gotta Be Mobile CES 2017 Excellence Award for the Best New Technology

Considered a technological standout at CES, the editorial team at Gotta Be Mobile selected the Polaroid Pop as a product they would highly recommend, has the potential to be a best seller and provide consumers the best value.

Mashable UK: Polaroid Just Reinvented its Iconic Camera

Polaroid is ditching its mini film for the Pop and bringing back the nostalgic 3×4” picture format most people associate with the brand. The classic border logo will fit around the picture, so aside from quality, it will look like a classic polaroid.

It’s a Love Affair – Polaroid and the Press at CES: The Polaroid Snap Touch and the Polaroid Pop Share the Spotlight

In a flurry of media coverage, two Polaroid products, the Polaroid Pop and the Polaroid Snap Touch received accolades from the press at CES 2017. Polaroid was featured in a number of regional broadcast placements. Here are several East Coast news teams that featured the two products redefining the Polaroid legacy.

Refinery 29 Heralds the Polaroid Pop as One of the Most Innovative Tech Products at CES 2017‘s Madeline Buxton included in her roundup of the best CES gadgets this year the Polaroid Pop instant camera. Buxton goes on to say that Polaroid is stealing the show in 2017! Polaroid is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and what better way to welcome the year than with this iconic product release.

From TechCrunch: Polaroid’s Pop returns the brand to its iconic instant format. Picks up where the Polaroid Snap Left Off.

Unveiled at CES, the Polaroid Pop is essentially a scaled up version of the Snap, doubling the megapixel count to 20, and, perhaps more important, returning the to the equally iconic 3 x 4 size – a familiar format to those who remember Polaroid from the first go-round.

Paste Magazine’s 10 Best Gadgets of CES 2017

On that list – the Polaroid Pop! Polaroid brings its vintage love into the digital age. Its newest iteration is one of the most promising—the Polaroid Pop. It can print right there like a traditional Polaroid, as well as save the image digitally. The important thing is that the Pop has some impressive specs, most […]

Live Science Proclaims the Polaroid Pop Offers Iconic Pics With Instagram- Like Flair

Polaroid’s new Polaroid Pop delivers the classic 3- by-4-inch instant prints, but now users can easily upload their pics to Instagram and other social media sites. What’s more, users will be able to get their creative on: the digital camera can be connected wirelessly to mobile devices, where, using the Polaroid print app (for iOS […]

Mark Huffman of Consumer Affairs Declares: Polaroid: It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Instant Camera

Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Polaroid is displaying an updated product line at CES 2017. The company is going back to its roots to refresh the whole idea of instant prints. It’s preparing to release Polaroid Pop, which it describes as an instant digital camera utilizing ZINK — Zero Ink Printing Technology — in the same […]

Wired Proclaims Polaroid’s New Camera Combines Analog With Snapchat Stickers

Polaroid’s latest camera, the Pop, reinterprets the company’s classic instant camera for the social media era. Few things today are more immediate (or addictive) than Snapchat or Instagram. But they aren’t keepsakes. Prints are. Enter the Polaroid Pop.

Stuff Announces: Polaroid’s Camera Comeback Continues with a Serious Snapper – The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera

Once you Pop, you just can’t stop. Photography fans, rejoice – there’s a new Polaroid instant camera to fawn over, and it’s finally going to focus on quality as well as fun.

New From Polaroid : The Polaroid Pop, A Hybrid Camera Which Can Print Photos

The Polaroid Pop is Polaroid’s all new camera which prints photos on the spot and sure is an interesting product. This is a blend between old and new cameras, in a way, as this is a digital camera which can print 3-inch by 4-inch photos as soon as you take them, and is using inkless […]

Cult of Mac Takes A Look at Polaroid as the Brand Enters its 80th Year

According to Cult of Mac’s David Pierini, the Polaroid name is on devices that are hip to the times while remaining faithful to the brand’s analog roots. Enter the Polaroid Pop unveiled at CES. With a host of very cool tech features and that signature twist of nostalgia, a Pop camera user can print a […]