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AppAdvice Reviews the Polaroid Snap Touch Camera

Polaroid’s latest camera combines that old school charm with the modern touches you’d expect. Reviewer Karen Freeman cites all the cool features of the Snap Touch and adds “it’s great for silly selfies and get-togethers with friends – this camera is a lot of fun.” Asks: Do You Know What Anniversary Gifts She Really Wants?

This #1 Online Website Dedicated to Helping Men Improve Their Lives Answers the Question – and the Polaroid Snap Touch Makes its Survival Guide List. Buying an anniversary gift can be a conundrum. Depending on how long you’ve been dating, women can expect different things. And there’s no doubt you want to show off how special […] Selects Their Favorite Mobile Photo Printers

“With the dawn of social media and smartphones, it’s been a while since printed photos have been a priority. But, in the fashion of history repeating itself and society feeling nostalgic about pretty much everything, tangible photos are back in style.” Here are a few of InStyle’s favorite picks including the Polaroid ZIP PhotoPrinter.

Digital Photography School’s First Look: Polaroid BrightSaber Travel LED Wand

If you’re seeking a portable, handheld LED light to one-up your photography, reviewer Suzi Pratt highly recommends checking out the Polaroid BrightSaber. It comes in either the BrightSaber Pro version or the more affordable, slightly less powerful Travel version. Both work very well at extremely affordable prices.

50 Great Gadgets for a Smarter Home From MSN Lifestyle … in the Round Up is the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Polaroid pictures have been making a comeback, but still nothing’s more convenient than snapping a pix on your phone. Connect the Polaroid Snap Touch to you IOS or Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth to wirelessly print photos. Now you can finally send your grandma a printed picture as easily as you can post to […]

Time: Bring Your Smartphone to Life With a Portable Printer

According to Time gadget reviewer Alex Fitzpatrick, a handful of new gadgets can help you capture film photography magic without the hassle of old-school cameras or darkrooms. These three portable printers (including The Polaroid ZIP) connect to your smartphone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then produce business card-sized prints that you can stick on the fridge […]

Miami Herald Asks – Why Not Strut with Confidence in These Shades of Red? The Polaroid Snap Touch Camera in Red Makes a Great Accessory.

Call it crimson, vermillion, scarlet or magenta, no matter what you name it any variation of red is meant to stand out, make a statement. Adding a dash of red to your wardrobe can make you feel sassy, saucy and ready to rock out. And after all, is there anything sexier than a sanguine attitude? – Here are Our Picks for the Top 10 Gift Ideas from the Groom to the Bride: Coming in at #7 the Polaroid Snap Touch

Even though you might feel like marrying you is a gift in itself, many brides and grooms exchange small gifts on the morning of their wedding. It can be something as small as a handwritten card or a really impressive surprise that will wow like the Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera.

C+A Global Selects Resound Marketing as PR Agency of Record to Promote Portfolio of Consumer Electronics Brands

Global Retailer, Licensee, and Manufacturer of Popular Consumer Electronics Products, from Polaroid to SkyMall, Puts Resound’s Big Brand Experience to Work to Drive Earned Media Coverage and Product Placement

From Where you can find last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas that make it look like you put a whole lot more thought into it than you actually did? Right here. Right Now.

Contributor Rachel Weingarten mentions the Polaroid Snap Touch is a great gift for new couples, or for grandma who “can almost instantly share pics of the grandbabies.”

The Polaroid Snap Touch Makes its Debut on Daytime Talk Show “Harry” on Valentine’s Day

The Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera was featured on a “last-minute Valentine’s Day gift guide” on the daytime talk show Harry, hosted by Harry Connick Jr. The camera was also gifted to the studio audience.

CraveOnline – Valentine’s Day Gifts for that Special Guy. Why Not Consider the Polaroid Snap Touch

Nix the Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolate for that guy in your life. The below gift guide will give you an idea of what all men want. According to reviewer Anthony Severino, “The Polaroid Snap Touch camera is a new take on the classic, instant-gratification Polaroid of yesteryear, allowing you to point, shoot, and then […]