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Contestants on Master Chef Kids Mexico Final

Win Polaroid’s Cube+ Lifestyle Action Video Camera and Polaroid Snap Instant Camera. When a nine year old says she’s been “dying to make a chicken liver pate” since the age of six and a twelve year old shares his “food dream’ which is to “change the minds of culinary thinkers in the world,” you know […]

Martha Debayle rages for Polaroid

Mexico’s most influential media mogul, Martha Debayle loves all Polaroid products! So much so that she has featured the SNAP and Cube+ twice on her daily radio show (Mexico’s most famous show), posted social media shout-outs (where she has over 1.2 million followers) and added them to her Moi magazine as the best gadgets to […]

Que sabes de… Looking for Instant Polaroid Magic?

Que sabes de can’t stop talking about the comeback of instant photography and the nostalgia of printing photos as soon as you take them. Enter the Polaroid Snap. A true Click, Print, Smile, Win, Win.

Medios de México

Mexico’s media association, medios de México, can’t wait to get their hands on the new and upcoming SNAP+ camera later this year. After the success of the SNAP, the Cube and Cube+, Medios de México heard about the SNAP+ and besides praising its design, it also highlights its features and 10 megapixel camera.

Underdog México loves the Cube+

Mexico’s leading men’s style blog and fashion guide loves the versatility and design of the Cube+ lifestyle camera by Polaroid. They featured the Cube as one of the gadgets to give for Valentine’s Day 2016.

Living and Travel with Polaroid and the SNAP+

Living and Travel magazine is raging over the upcoming SNAP+ and considers it one of the best lifestyle digital instant cameras. Featuring the Polaroid Snap+ in both their print and online editions, the reviewer loves the features and accessories that come with the SNAP family and believes it’s one of the most fun gadgets in […]

Socialites and Polaroid

Polaroid teamed with two of Mexico’s most known socialites to promote Polaroid products.

Polaroid and the Oaxaca Film Festival

Polaroid became an official sponsor for the 2015 edition of the Oaxaca Film Festival, one of the top 25 Film Festivals in the world.

Race Biker Enrique Muniz Partners with Polaroid

Enrique Muñíz, hailed the “most promising Mexican Athlete by ESPN.

El Universal/Tech Bit Reviews the Polaroid CUBE

From computers to cameras to phones, printers and gadgets, El Universal, one of Mexico’s largest newspapers featured a review of the Polaroid CUBE in Tech Bit … a column specializing in reviewing the industry’s latest and the greatest technology.

Stuff Magazine Took a Close Look at the Polaroid Z2300

Stuff Magazine, dedicated to featuring the best gadget reviews and in-depth features on the latest technology, took at close look at the Polaroid Z2300 and “thanked” Polaroid for doing what it does so well … Shoot, Print & Share.

The Polaroid Z2300 – The Best Recipe According to Venga la Alegra

In a popular cooking segment of Venga la Alegria, host Tania shares with her co-worker and audience not merely her best recipes, but her best new find – the Polaroid Z2300.