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Digi Came Watch Reviews the Polaroid Snap Touch

Known for its news and reviews of digital cameras, Digi Came Watch, took a close look at Polaroid’s newest instant digital camera, the Polaroid Snap introduced this September at Photokina 2016. Verdict – the new Touch Screen makes this new camera fun, playful, an overall winner.

Yahoo News! Claims the Polaroid Snap Touch is Playful – Makes its Debut at Photokina 2016

Polaroid introduced the Polaroid Snap Touch, a new version of Polaroid Snap, at Photokina 2016 on September 20. The new model includes Touch Screen making the camera much more playful. This new feature allows the users to enjoy photo-shooting and editing more intuitively.

Goodbye to Analog Cameras. The new Polaroid Snap is Amazing!

Editor K of the web magazine “@Baila”, a magazine website focusing on mode fashion and lifestyle, was curious about the Polaroid SNAP. Here, she uses the instant digital camera and shares her impression including the size and picture quality.

Popular Fashion Photographer from @DiFa Uses the Polaroid ZIP on Set

“Polaroid products still have an enduring popularity among photographers. So, I tried the newly released Polaroid ZIP PhotoPrinter to experience for myself its practicality. It is highly portable and the data transfer from smartphones is so easy. The quality of the photograph created is high and has a retro finish. The Polaroid ZIP adds the […]

Polaroid and Cheki Cameras: Sure to Make You an Instant Camera Freak.

Laughy, a website with ideas to make the holidays a happier time for women ask the question: What are Polaroid and Cheki? They are stylish instant cameras. There are many ways to enjoy Polaroid cameras, including printing instant photos and writing messages on them. The Polaroid SNAP, the latest instant camera introduction from Polaroid, is […]

The Polaroid Snap is Popular Among Cosplayers at Cosplay Summit According to ibought Japan

At this year’s World Cosplay Summit, attracting some 248,000 visitors, Polaroid had a booth promoting its latest entry into the instant digital camera market – the Polaroid Snap. This retro-looking camera not only produces instant photo prints, but can save the data digitally and allows the user to share photos online. It’s been the talk […]

Cheki and Polaroid – Side by Side Comparison of Instant Photo Printers: ASCII Puts Them Both to the Test

ASCII, a well-known news website focusing on all gadgets digital, compares Polaroid and Cheki’s newest photo printers. Both printers can be easily used to print photos taken with smartphones. While Cheki produces an instant film style photo overall, the Polaroid ZIP produces a quality photo just as if produced by an ink-jet printer. Colors and […]

An Analog Camera in the Digital Era – The New Instant Camera from Polaroid

Spur editors are always looking for small and cool gadgets that make the day more enjoyable. And SAKURABA has found it! The Polaroid‘s SNAP with both digital and analog features. In an instant, with the Polaroid SNAP, you can shoot a photo, print it out instantly and save and share digitally. A perfect partner on […]

Japan’ Major News Service, Asahi Shimbun: Polaroid’s Digital Camera – Shoot, save, share, and print – all in an instant!

Years ago, when analog silver-salt cameras were the main stream, the instant camera from Polaroid was revolutionary. Instant photo taking and sharing is now so easily done with digital cameras, but not necessarily instant printing. The Polaroid SNAP changes that and makes the art of instant printing possible! You can shoot a photo, save digitally, […]

ELLE Online: New Polaroid Cameras and Accessories are Must-Have Summer Products to Create “Instagenic Photos”

The vacation season is just around the corner! Can’t wait to share your great shots of the beach on Instagram, right? But that’s not enough. A vacation nowadays is complete only after you get as much “likes” as you can on your Instagram posts. We will introduce you beach items and prop & photo gadgets […]

Engadget: Polaroid SNAP Makes its Japan Debut – with 13 accessories and the soon to be available Polaroid ZIP Mobile PhotoPrinter

Engadget happily informs that 14 items from Polaroid, including Polaroid SNAP and Polaroid ZIP, will be available through the SoftBank SELECTION website. Other items available are the Polaroid ZIP, small portable mobile PhotoPrinter and the adorable-looking lifestyle action video camera, Polaroid Cube+

Elle Maman: Finally! An adorable and handy Polaroid Instant Camera in Japan!

Polaroid SNAP is finally available in Japan! Its design and handy size will definitely grab the attention of every child. Take a photo and print it on the spot. The printed photo can even be used as a sticker using its adhesive back. It’s a must-have item for the summer.