C+A Global

Our Mission

C+A Global is dedicated to providing creative, high-quality products and solutions through our extensive portfolio of brands. We aspire to earn the number-one position with consumers for innovation, value, and customer service and continuously seek out and implement consumers’ feedback to achieve these goals.

Whether building new products from the ground up or re-imagining existing ones, our goal is to add value and create differentiation to better meet the needs of consumers. It’s this driving passion that inspires us to exceed the expectations of our customers, partners, and employees.


About C+A Global

Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, with offices in London, China, and around the world, C+A Global engages in the design, manufacturing and distribution of consumer products and photographic equipment. The company offers one of the industry’s most extensive and diverse inventories of products, ranging from innovative electronics, to intelligent housewares to fun gadgets. With our expansive portfolio of brands, we strive to provide consumers worldwide with imaginative, high-quality products that exceed their expectations.

Building upon our start as a photographic equipment provider, we own and operate well-known camera equipment retailer RitzCamera.com, as well as RitzPix.com, a creative photographic services provider. Our brick-and-mortar stores include Ritz Camera & Image, Wolf Camera, and Inkley’s Photographic.

C+A Global is also the exclusive licensee for Polaroid instant digital cameras and action video cameras, IP home security cameras, and camera accessories. We develop and market some of the industry’s most revolutionary products… products that utilize the most advanced technology, yet still reflect and preserve the legacy of this classic brand.

Our company is among the world’s largest Amazon retailers, owing our remarkable and ongoing success to pinpointing exactly what consumers want and need, and in focusing product development based upon their feedback and reviews.

In 2015, we acquired in-flight retailer SkyMall and are leveraging this iconic brand’s equity to engineer its resurgence. The 25-year-old SkyMall brand is distinguished by its eclectic mix of thousands of cool and unique products.

C+A Global continues to enjoy unprecedented growth as one of the world’s largest and most diverse online retailers, expanding our portfolio of brands and offering consumers innovative, affordable solutions to make everyday life easier, more comfortable, safer, and more productive.


Meet Our Team

At C+A Global, we pride ourselves on our diverse and ever-growing team of entrepreneurial-minded individuals who bring a unique set of skills and professional experience to their respective roles.


Become Part Of The Big Picture

If you’re looking for a career with unlimited potential, take a closer look at C+A Global.


Our work environment is innovative, team-spirited, entrepreneurial and open for opportunity. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset and our success depends largely on their passion and commitment to excellence. We provide a wide range of career opportunities – from information technology, sales, and finance to customer service, marketing and operations. If you possess the talent, the ambition and the dedication to further our success and yours, we invite you to become a member of the C+A family.

Even if you don’t see an exact job match to your qualifications, we encourage you to submit your resume to Careers@camarketing.com anyway. We’re growing so fast, your career here may start sooner than you think.

C+A Global is an equal opportunity employer.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does "C+A" mean?

    The initials C and A stand for the first names of our founders, Chaim Pikarski and Akiva ("Harry") Klein.

  • How long has C+A Global been in business?

    In 2003, former rivals Harry Klein of The Film Exchange and Chaim Pikarski of The Film Shop joined forces to create C&A Marketing, Inc. The company quickly grew and prospered, expanding its repertoire of products, creating new brands, and achieving unprecedented success on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.com.

    Building upon the company's expertise in the camera business, C&A partnered with Polaroid, becoming its largest licensee. C&A also purchased Ritz Camera and Image LLC in 2012, and in-flight retailer SkyMall in 2015.

    Through strategic partnerships, focused brand development, a worldwide network of suppliers, and more than 2 million different product offerings, C&A Marketing evolved into the e-tailer powerhouse it is today.

    In 2016 C&A Marketing changed its name to C+A Global, reflecting the international scope of our business.

  • Do you offer customer support for consumers?

    Yes. Every one of our brands has a dedicated customer service team. Please visit our brand pages for details.

  • How do I obtain C+A Global products for my retail store?

    Please contact us at 848-244-2000 or casales@caglobal.com.

  • I’d like to feature a C+A Global brand in my publication. Who should I contact?

    Please visit our Contacts page for domestic and international media contact information.

  • I am interested in working at C+A Global. How do I apply?

    Please visit our Careers page for more information.