Month: January 2017

Polaroid Snap is the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Fashion and lifestyle magazine ELLE names the Polaroid Snap digital instant camera a perfect gift for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Polaroid Pop Takes Home the Gotta Be Mobile CES 2017 Excellence Award for the Best New Technology

Considered a technological standout at CES, the editorial team at Gotta Be Mobile selected the Polaroid Pop as a product they would highly recommend, has the potential to be a best seller and provide consumers the best value.

German Singer Jan Sievers and Polaroid Team Up for Charity: Sievers Releases New Single “Polaroid”

German Pop singer and songwriter Jan Sievers’ latest single is entitled “Polaroid”. In the YouTube video of the song Sievers uses the Polaroid Snap Touch camera to record his memories in photos.

Germany’s #1 newspaper BILD Features the Polaroid Pop

Bild, Germany’s highest selling tabloid newspaper reviews the new Polaroid Pop instant digital camera.

Three Functions in One Instant Camera: Polaroid Pop

Taking pictures, printing and storing them: three functions in one camera. Reason enough for the ‘Hamburger Abendblatt’newspaper to spotlight the new Polaroid Pop digital instant camera.

New instant camera for the anniversary

Computer BILD’ reports about the new Polaroid Pop digital instant camera presented at CES 2017 in Polaroid’s 80th anniversary year.

Renowned Heise Magazine Presents the Polaroid Pop

Germany’s oldest technology and consumer electronics online magazine presents Polaroid’s latest addition to its instant camera product line.

Yahoo! UK Proclaims: Polaroid Just Reinvented its Iconic Camera

The classic Polaroid camera just got revamped for the modern day. The Polaroid Pop mashes digital and analog in a way that actually makes sense.

TURN ON Features New Polaroid Pop

‘TURN ON’, the consumer technology magazine by renowned German retailer Saturn presents the new Polaroid Pop in their lifestyle news.

Mashable UK: Polaroid Just Reinvented its Iconic Camera

Polaroid is ditching its mini film for the Pop and bringing back the nostalgic 3×4” picture format most people associate with the brand. The classic border logo will fit around the picture, so aside from quality, it will look like a classic polaroid.

Modern Design, Innovative Technology Meet Polaroid’s Nostalgic Heritage

For the design blog ‘Designers in Action’ the new Polaroid Pop builds a bridge between the nostalgic instant camera from the 1970s and 1980s to modern designs and latest technologies.

It’s a Love Affair – Polaroid and the Press at CES: The Polaroid Snap Touch and the Polaroid Pop Share the Spotlight

In a flurry of media coverage, two Polaroid products, the Polaroid Pop and the Polaroid Snap Touch received accolades from the press at CES 2017. Polaroid was featured in a number of regional broadcast placements. Here are several East Coast news teams that featured the two products redefining the Polaroid legacy.