Month: October 2016

The Polaroid Cube+ has been featured on

The Polaroid Cube+ has been featured in a roundup of the 9 best action cameras for extreme sports. According to’s reviewer, “while the Cube+ isn’t a camera for extreme sports, it’s a great little fun action cam.”

Polaroid Snap Nominated as Finalist in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation By Design Awards Program

The Polaroid Snap was nominated as a finalist in Fast Company’s Innovation By Design 2016 competition. Below is the magazine’s introduction of the awards program. Click on the link below and visit Products to view the Polaroid Snap listing.

Photofocus Places the Spotlight on Polaroid’s Portable LED Lights

Whether you’re shooting videos or stills, potable LED lights have become widely-accepted for use indoors or out because of their portability and their small size/weight. Enter Polaroid. Yes, Polaroid. I’ve tested several competitors to this product and I’d say that the quality of the light as well as the ability to control it on the […]