Month: September 2014

Photokina 2014

Polaroid Goes After GoPro With a $99 Action Camera by Belinda Lanks

This time around the brand is resonating with a generation whose parents experienced the first boom in analog instant photography.

The biggest “little thing” to make it to Television. The Polaroid Cube.

NBC News: Dialing it Back: Camera Makers Prize Retro 35mm Look By Devin Coldewey

“Getting back to that Leica-like feel of a camera is something that’s compelling on an emotional level,” said Robert Brunner, founder of Ammunition, the design group behind Beats headphones and the new Polaroid Cube. launched this past Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pairing with Ammunition Design Group to create the Polaroid Cube Lifestyle Action Video Camera and now joining forces with Eyeball, the marketing agency that launched such products as the Amazon Kindle, assisted in the launch of on Wednesday.

Reviewer Nate Swanner used Polaroid lenses as add-ons to the rig he created

Slash Gear (524,009 visitors) did a review on the Beastgrip, a universal/adjustable lens adapter & rig system for camera phones. Reviewer Nate Swanner used Polaroid lenses as add-ons to the rig he created, and said they offer the best availability of add-on lenses that he’s found.

Polaroid goes after GoPro with budget action cam

The Cube, which goes on sale today, is a small HD action camera priced at $99 from Polaroid.

Polaroid Socialmatic awarded Photokina Star Award 2014

The Polaroid Socialmatic wins the Photokina Star Award’s most innovative product at the 2014 Photokina tradeshow in COLOGNE, Germany yesterday.